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So I came across this video and it seems like a pretty good method to avoid burnout. I know it has happened to me when I try to binge watch too much too quickly so I was wondering if it has happen to anyone else among our Nakama. BobSamurai is someone I've followed for a while now and while I don't always agree with everything, he does have some valid points. Anyone else have anything to add to this? Coment with your thoughts.
@AhalloweenGirl Nice lol honestly I just play games or do others hobbies. For example, I love to race so I go racing a lot at the track. Planning on getting my racing license soon 😍
yup basically. Me I read books and watch some shows that arent anime, and I go to see new movies regularly. I was wanting to see what other ways people counteract thia type of burnout.
Burnout? like watching too much you get sick of it temporarily? If so, i play games to counter it πŸ˜‚