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How many followers can I get?

Really love to meet new people. I follow back, yes I do!
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@meyrinmichaelis I think he'd burn it to death then blow it up. You'd be better off having Seb cook it while Bardroy is expelled from the kitchen for safety concerns. πŸ˜†
You got me following you Mey-Rin im still reading you fanfic too.
@Danse sorry phone auto correct. These contraptions are very funny, yes they are! Oh if Sebastian made me a steak... I'd just die... *Swoons*
I just noticed you tagged me with Dense... lmao πŸ˜‚
@Dense... Oh yes it is coming up isn't it? I don't have a Valentine, no I don't. I might make one. I'd have Bardroy make one, but he'd us his flamethrower and burn it, he would!
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