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Chapter 2
You take your cat and cuddle with it on the bed, you keep hitting it's paw to play your favorite song and to hear Key's message over and over until you fall asleep. You have the best sleep because you don't feel so lonely.
Ring Ring Ring Ring...your woken up by your phone ringing, trying to reach for it on the table you knock it off and it falls to the floor.
"Great way to start the day by breaking my phone." you moan into the receiver.
"Hello?" you rub your eyes sitting up in bed.
"Y/N, Y/N, have you seen the news?" Kristie was yelling into your ear, and before you had the chance to respond you pulled it away to adjust.
"Y/N turn the TV on, check the news." you nod your head as if she was in front of you, then remembered your on your phone. Getting out of bed slipping your slippers on you head towards the living room. Turning on the TV you put on the news.
"Kpop group SHINee in car accident on their way to M/V location! No news of how the members are doing at this time." was the first thing you saw when your eyes focused. You felt your heart break, your body go cold and your chest hurt, you couldn't breathe. And then everything went black.
"Y/N, you there, hey answer me. Jackson!! Jackson, I'm on the phone with Y/N she's not responding after I told her to turn on the TV and check the news. And I heard a loud thump. We need to get to her like now." Kristie's boyfriend Jackson grabs the keys and Kristie follows him out the door. They drive quickly over to your apartment and they were thankful that you had a spare key under the mail box.
After opening the door and coming in they both started shouting for you and had no response. "Jackson, I found her she's in the living room passed out. Help me get her to her bed." Without a second thought Jackson picks you up and carries you to your room and places you on your bed.
Jackson goes to the kitchen and gets a wet cloth, he places it on your head. After awhile you wake up and see both Kristie and Jackson sitting next to you. With a confused look on your face you try to remember why they would be there. And it hits you, you shoot up and Kristie grabs your shoulders.
"Yes, Y/N it's real, SHINee was in a car accident, there's not much more information at this moment. Please eat something for me." You shake your head grab your cat and lay back in the fetal position. Kristie knew you would do this, it was the same when you went through losing your parents. Kristie didn't know exactly how to help you since Key was the one who helped you out of your depression that time, but she wasn't going to give up she was going to make sure to do anything and everything to get you back to the world.
It's been a few days and Kristie comes to check on you. Your laying in bed with your stuffed cat toy holding onto it for dear life and asleep. You didn't even hear your phone buzzing. Kristie notices the light from your phone and picks it up.
"Kim Taehyung? Who is this, I thought I knew all of Y/N's friends." She opened the message and read it.
"Hey Y/N, it's me Tae. I was just checking to see if you made it home alright you seemed kinda out of it, let me know okay. Peace" humm, Kristie keeps reading the messages they all where the same asking if Y/N was alright, if she needed anything, etc. But the last message wasn't from Tae, it was from Key...Kristie thought she shouldn't open it, that she would let you see it for yourself. But her curiosity won in the end and she opened the text.
"Hey Y/N, just wanted to say goodnight, I saw this beautiful moon tonight and it made me miss you. I wish I was there holding you while we slept together. I'll be there soon so cheer up and be happy. I..." that was the end of the text. Kristie put her hand to her mouth and tears started to fill her eyes. It wasn't finished but she could assume he was going to say that he loved Y/N.