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미안해요! (I am sorry) I was loaded in schoolwork and life issues for awhile now :( I kind of stopped writing my lessons for Korean on here since I was stressed out I am sorry about that ;-; I am back now though! Here is the next lesson! NOTE: This is the form you use a lot in conversations, it is you trying to show respect to the person you are talking to You can use it between a stranger, your friends, family, and others! Though I wouldn't use this when talking to your boss, or someone of a higher status than you. It would seem disrespectful
PAST TENSE FORM!!!!! Alright, if you already know Plain/Diary Form and Informal Low Form then this will be easy as pie! Plain/Diary Form is 았다/었다/였다 Informal Low Form is 았어/었어/였어 All you had to do was take 다 off and add 어! That is similar to how you switch from Informal Low to Informal High Except you don't take anything off You just add 요! (I am using the same words from the last card) REMINDER: Look at the last vowel in the (last) syllable! If it is ㅏ or ㅗ then use ㅏ If it is anything except 하, ㅏ, and ㅗ then add ㅓ ㅕ is for 하 since 하 is irregular!! 자다 - To Sleep 자다 - 다 = 자 자 + 았어요 = 잤어요 It now means Slept 만지다 -To Touch 만지다 - 다 = 만지 만지 + 었어요 = 만졌어요 It now means Touched NOTE: Remember merge vowels! I will post another chart for you to save in your cars, on your devices or to write down :) 검색하다 - To Search 검색하다 - 다 = 검색하 검색하다 + 였어요 = 검색했어요 (Another Vowel merge!) This now means Searched
PRESENT TENSE FORM!!!! Like I said above if you know Plain/Diary Form and Informal Low these should all be easy as pie! Informal Low was literally just 아/어/여 Just add 요 to the end to make it Informal High!! For example 자다- To Sleep 자다 - 다 = 자 자 + 아요 = 자요 It means Sleep 만지다 - To Touch 만지다 - 다 = 민지 만지 + 어요 = 만져요 It means Touch 검색하다- To Search 검색하다 - 다 = 검색하 검색하 + 여요 = 검색해요 Are you guys getting the hang of it? :3 If anyone has a hard time please let me know I will respond and explain anything!
FUTURE TENSE FORM!!!!! Future Tense is the easiest form honestly You don't need to focus on the vowels like Paat or Present tense! Just add 겠어요 to the end of the syllable 자다 - To Sleep 자다 - 다 = 자 자 + 겠어요 = 자겠어요 This means I will sleep 만지다 -To Touch 만지다 - 다 = 만지 만지 + 겠어요 = 만지겠어요 This means I will touch 검색하다 - To Search 검색하다 - 다 = 검색하 검색하 + 겠어요 = 검색하겠어요 This means I will search I decided I will post cards with more vocabulary after I finish the conjugation cards :) Because if you guys know these basic conjugations then learning vocabulary will become easier! I have an app on my phone with a bunch of words and phrases I plan to use! Though this app is only on iPhone :( Remember if anyone has any questions, or requests I will respond!
감사합니다!!!! This is so useful, thank you for making it all so easy to understand!!! This has always been a hard part for me, remembering the tenses ㅠㅠ please don't be sorry about being busy, it's completely understandable and okay!!! <3 do what you have to, we can wait 💛💛💛
Love this lesson immensely . Komawo !
Very useful! :)
@ninjamidori You are welcome ^.^ Korean tenses, and conjugation is the hardest part about the language really Well that's what I think 🤔 The grammar, and stuff is actually quite simple But I will do grammar cards to help people after I finish conjugation 😊 I feel bad for not letting anyone know I was busy 😭 I just kind of disappeared from life for awhile ☹️ Currently I don't have school until February 5th! So I will be able to post a couple cards 🤓