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Tagged by: @ElleHolley Lets begin xD
1. My name is Jessica (Jess, Jessie, Jay) 2. I am the oldest to 3 sisters (sadly no brothers)
3. Favorite Animals are Bears. The first bear is very very special to me because I've had him for years (since I was in 3rd grade I believe). A teacher I really liked gave him to me. I've had him with me ever since. I don't let anyone mistreat him. As you can see the other bears are huge xD My parents got me the bear in the second pic and a friend gave me the third :) I have lots of stuffed bear animals xD
4. I love to draw. I do drawings on paper with pens, markers, sharpies. I also paint things as well but ever since I took a computer arts class, I fell in love with that the most and now I draw on my laptop and tablet ^-^ I also took a Photoshop class and number 4 (iron Man) is made up of pure words. ^-^
5. My 3 babies. Since all 3 of their mothers abandoned them, I took care of them all. Not all at once though. Kitty (number 1) was already big enough to take care of himself so I let him outside. Simba (number 2) and Mufasa (number 3) I took care of at the same time. Because of the mother lacking on food for Mufasa, he became a blind cat. Even though he's grown up, he is still blind but his eyes are waay better now than before :) I had to feed them, clean them, keep them warm, have them go potty because since they were so small they couldn't do their business on their own. Buuuut sadly my baby Simba is gone. Someone probably stole him from me *cries*. Yes I know I got the names Simba & Mufasa from Lion King xD
6. I work as a Brand Ambassador. For those who don't know what that is here are some pictures of it. I'll explain more in detail. Basically for a few companies I go around explaining and talking about their merchant and stuff, handing out free stuff and interact with people. Other times, I would be a Mascot. And yesss I mean I would wear Costumes and walk, dance around places and take pictures with people. On the last picture, I am Chester The Cheetah Lol
7. Both of my parents are Mexican! They are from Mexico, Michoacan xD I Love it there, I wish I can go back there soon because I just love it hehe
8. Even though my parents are from Mexico, I was born here in the United States. But I am part Mexican, which makes me Mexican-American. ^-^
9. My favorite color is Blue. Such a beautiful Color.
10. What can I say, I looooove soda buuut my favorite one out of all is PEPSI! xD
11. I'm a sucker for Chips Lol
12. Favorite TV Shows. #5 is called Super Girl.
13. I will always love this guy right here. I've been a Chris Brown fan since I was 15 years old (he was 16). Now, I am 25 going on 26 this year. So yeah I've been a HUGE fan and all my friends know this. I love his singing and dancing so much. His music brings me joy. I will never leave his side. #teambreezyforever
14. Favorite Artists 'Non Kpop' Backstreet Boys, Eminem, HollyWood Undead, Linkin Park, Trey Songz
15. My Kpop Obsessions ;-; Got7, BTS, Big Bang, EXO, Eric Nam, U-Kiss, Beast, BtoB and Nu'est.
@KhrystinaLee I've loved linkin park for the longest time.,ever since One Step Closer xD @ElleHolley I watch at it times but it still saddens me that Stabler isnt there 😭 @aabxo Trey Songz is baeeee ;) And nah I don't watch it 🙈 @PrettieeEmm Ooo yesss, I was nsync fan too Lol and thank you :) @Isolate Omg yaasss I'm in love with them so much xD And aww *blushes* thank you and thank you, I always try to improve on my drawings :) @ashleyemmert #thunderbuddiesforever Linkin Park fan fo life xD I watch at it times hehehe Their are still other shows and music that are non Kpop that I love but i couldn't write them all Lol @ElleHolley Yessss we sure were 😄
@jessicaacosta90 law & order svu I still watch it now
Wait you listen to Hollywood undead and Linkin park ?!!?!?
@KhrystinaLee @jessicaacosta90 AHHH, fellow BSB fans! I was so obsessed back in the day. I still love them. I still have all the albums. I even have the Japanese ones. Those were some good times.
@ashleyemmert yes Linkin Park stayed in rotation for a long time. @KhrystinaLee @jessicaacosta90 we were best friends in a past life 😆
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