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Difference between my mom and brother
Showed my mom these photos Me: isn't he pretty? Mom: that's a guy?! Me: yes...and he's a year older than me... Mom: looks like a chick. Showed my brother these photos: Me: is this a boy or girl? Brother: boy. Me: how could you tell? Mom thought he was a girl. Brother: eyebrows. Well okay then.
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I asked my mom and she said the cheek bones gave it away
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@megancurrent9 I know right?! I would have expected him to say something like Adam's apple or no boobs or something but no fucking EYEBROWS?!
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@HayleyYates huh. My brother is just weird
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@MaeLyn i can see what he says about the eye brows. I've seen some pretty interesting eyebrows let me tell you lol. but i would have looked at his arm in the first can see the muscle definition
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