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Recently Billie expressed his disliking towards Psy by commenting on a Psy's photo, stating “This dude is the herpes of music. Once you think it’s gone, it comes back. #herpes #flareup #pleasegoaway” Psy was asked for his opinion on this comment. At first, Psy did not know what Herpes means, but the host explained to him that it's a STD that does not go away. And it's annoying. Everyone hates it. To that, Psy cooly responded, "I kind of like it. It’s cool. He’s saying I’m like herpes, that I keep coming back. I think it's really cool and I appreciate that. Thank you." BAM! There you go Billie. And this just makes me respect Psy even more. He sure is a person with class. We all know that Psy is a very different person from what his Music Videos show. He comes from a strict upbringing (both his parents are well-known businessmen) and adopts many of the moral values of his late grandfather and father. He has done many charity works and actively advocate and donate to good cause. What do ya think?
It really shows the difference in values. What nerve Billy Joe Armstrong has to say that, and the show hostess for bringing it up. Kudos to Psy's classy response - no need to get angry, no need to be rude, just embrace the goodness.
Yes you go Psy! He has a very established and solid career in Korea. Show them the real deal!