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Okay, okay. Before you guys start hating, just know I worked for Starbucks for, like, 8 years, and I think this is HILARIOUS.
Fact: One time someone told me their name was 'Pam' and I accidentally wrote 'Map'. I was really tired. Don't judge me too hard.
So true! My favorite is when they ask your name at the register, but the bar is busy calling out "grande half-caffe latte" or "Venti Kids-temp hot cocoa" And everyone's just staring at the cups collecting on the bar. So much for names...@danidee
I work at Starbucks to! and I can't tell u how many times I've done that to haha
lmao! I cant!
Yeah I have its one of those drinks that require a certain taste ha, I'm not a coffee person at heart but I'm willing to try It haha
@marshalledgar Lmao, that was totally me as a barista. I hated calling out names because I assumed that 90% of the names on the cups were going to be wrong.
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