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Eric enjoys wearing pantyhose and high heels?
Eric sure has many unusual hobbies, and this is another one to add to the list! Despite the very manly image, he actually is into cross-dressing. That's what he admitted during Shinhwa's recent appearance on Radio Star. Though first doing is as a joke on Shinhwa Broadcase (I'll leave the video link at the comment below), Eric eventually got used to it and now even enjoys doing it when he's bored!! Other members revealed that Eric even has his favorite pantyhose color (black) and likes wearing heels too. Eric himself believes that he has great legs to wear girl clothes. What should I say lol. Is this just some joke they said for the show and is he REALLY into it? I don't know which one I prefer xD. For sure, I wanna see more of his cross-dressing. p.s: he sure has pretty legs though.
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