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Welcome to the Funny Community's Saturday Morning Free-For-All!

Every Saturday morning, I'll switch things up with a fun discussion question to get everyone talking and meeting one another. Join in by answering the question - or feel free to talk about something else! Do what you want! It's the weekend!
Today's question is:

If Ben & Jerry made an ice cream in your honor, what kind of ingredients would be in it?

Ben & Jerry uses their flavors to tell a story. Which kind of flavors fit YOUR personality?
Use your imagination and leave your response in the comment section below!
My response:
I would want my ice cream to be called Dani's Deelight and be made with rose flavored ice cream with chocolate chips and a Turkish Delight swirl. My family is from the Middle East, and my favorite desserts have rosewater flavor, so I think this ice cream would say a lot about my heritage and taste really, really unique!

Now it's your turn! Ready, set, go!

Mine would be liqour and regret and it would be called "life"
@BeannachtOraibh Turkish Delight is like the most feminine representation of any dessert. It's delicate but unmistakable flavour is most distinctly rosewater essence. It's like gel but not & firmer but not too firm, shaped into squares & dusted with icing sugar. If you wonder what it would be like to make love to a rose, in a form not of a rose, with your mouth... this delight is for you. Lol. But seriously they are amazing.
Chocolate, caramel and fudge swirl and Andes mints
Banana, chocolate, m&m, kit kat, peanuts and that's it.
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