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2.) Laxus Dreyar⚡
Laxus Dreyar is the 2nd strongest wizard in Fairy Tail. With Laxus amazing Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic almost nothing can stop him. Laxus in the very beginning was hard headed and disliked the way the Fairy Tail guild had become so he decided to have all the members of Fairy Tail fight to decide who is the strongest person in the guild. He became the bad guy but luckily came to his senses when he found out his Grandpa (Makarov) was ill. Laxus was expelled from Fairy Tail and didn't return until the S-class trials were interrupted by Grimoire Heart. Later on Laxus was reinstated by Gildarts❤. Laxus now fights for everyone in Fairy Tail as his family.
Laxus can be struck by Lightning and absorb it to use it in a special attack. Laxus has attacks such as the Lightning Dragon Roar, Lightning Dragon Heavenward Halbard, Lightning Dragons Jaw, Lightning Dragon Force, and Secret art Roaring Thunder. Laxus has beaten the the wizard saint Jura with his secret art attack in the grand magic games proving us how strong Laxus truly is. Laxus is just plainly badass.
Laxus in the Tartaros arc. had to fight the demon Tempesta not once but twice and defeated him both times. Laxus first encounters Tempesta when Tempests tries to the former council member and friend of Makarov. The thunder legion was there but weren't strong enough to beat him. Laxus finally beats him saving the former council man until Tempestas curse magic released a toxic anti magic particles causing a wizard to lose their power or death and humans to die. Laxus sucked up as much of the anti magic particles so that no one would die but his efforts fell short. The second fight he appears out of no where when Gajeel is out of magic and Tempesta was about to strike Gajeel. Laxus still affected by the anti magic particles was in a very weak condition causing him to hurt his internal organs. Laxus main goal was to get blood from Tempesta so the Porliusca could make an antidote for the anti magic particles that were killing the thunder legion and the former council man. After Laxus got some of Tempestas blood he finished him off the rest of the guild mates were saved from the anti particles by Grays new Ice Devil Slayer magic. If Laxus wasn't badass before he totally is more now and is definitely the 2nd strongest wizard in Fairy Tail.
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