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How can this video be so gross yet so sexy at the same time. Some of you may already know but, I have a weakness for eyeliner and tattoos. Ravi is my vixx bias and man does he look good in this video.
I want to thank @JiyongLeo and @helixx for bringing these guys in my life. I have been hooked on YouTube because of these very talented and sexy guys. @kpopmom check this out.
@helixx I agree I never really knew who vixx wad until @JiyongLeo showed us now I'm hooked. I have also been showing coworkers all kinds of videos. My nickname at work is literally kpop girl.
OMG, I KNOW. SO MUCH SEXY. HOW CAN THEY BE SO SEXY WHEN THEY ARE IMPALING THEMSELVES? .......OH, AND RAVI. OH RAVI. MY HEARTU, MY HEARTU. @JiyongLeo deserves all the credit. If it were't for her I would not have journeyed down this rabbit hole either.
I'm pretty sure the chick in the video was driven mad by her obsession with the group and their beauty and talent. This was the only way she'd be able to have him. Something inside her brain just snapped. You see it when she's holding the voodoo doll and she's furiously stabbing it but has this really twisted and delighted smile on her face and then she laughs. Yeah, she snapped alright. ...There is an episode of Criminal Minds in there somewhere. I'm sure of it.
On a related note, I subjected my co-workers to VIXX all weekend while riding in the rig. I ever gave them a play by play of this video. They didn't seem as enthusiastic about it as I was.
oh my goodness I love that music video everyone look good
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