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Okay now he got your number what's going to happen next?
You sit a the cafe and look around. You can't believe what he just did. While you in shock of him taking your phone. Your phone rings "RING" "RING" You don't realize it rings until a woman come up and tell you. "Uhm miss your phone is ringing." She said with a smile. You snap out of your shock and look at her. You finally pick up the phone. "Hey babe how are you doing" a men voice said on the phone. You didn't realize who it was until he said it again. "Babe are you okay? Hello" He said in the phone. "Oh I'm sorry I was looking at something." You lied. You talk to your boyfriend, you tell him all about your day expect the guy you just met. You finally get up and leave the cafe to go to your boyfriend job. He sees you and kissed you passionately. You smiled and forget about the guy you met today. You is now happy thinking Every thing is okay.
As you and your boyfriend had home you run into the door manager. Resident "Hey Lee how it's going?" your boyfriend asked. "Oh something good is happening." He said excited. "Like what?" your boyfriend asked. "We have a new that's moved next door to you guys." He said. You and your boyfriend looked at each other wondering who is moving next to them. You and him go up the elevator. You get off on your floor and run into some one. Without realizing who was it. You stood at shock to see....
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ahhhhhh.... let see what happens. let's see whatbhappens
Idk lol
@DeniseiaGardner She is going to end up falling in love with the new guy (Jungkook)?
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