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fine I won't comeback
just kidding I*shakes head * buttu I got tag by my girl @ashleyemmert for a group name NU'EST GOODBYE BABAY GOOD BYYYYYEEEE BABY if you didn't know I'm a nu'est fan but sadly I didn't really care to learn about them so I only know who ren is


yes yes I know but luckily this could be fun for me and since my other girl @MadAndrea is making a b.a.p fanfic out of her results I was like

why not make the fans jealous and write a story HA...

ahem so here it is this story it's not much only a little I like leaving you guys hanging ....I'm one of those writers yup but I'm a sweetheart in real life..... so.....let's...go....le swag dang now he's even raking my vocab MIN YOONGI NOT TODAY ....I'm watching you sir.......
(wow i don't know what he is or who he is but mmk ) "hey keziah " Jr called me it was a nice summer day and the second time visiting korea a brief description of how we meet I was dancing and singing "good bye baby" by a group name nu'est and him and others we're watching me and started to dance with me that was a year ago it still makes me laugh to this day. "yeah jr what's up?" I answered him wondering what's the matter since he never acted this way "you know I love you right?" he said I started to laugh "yes I do we're like bro and sis ...what brought that up? " I asked him "no I mean like love you not as a sister..... " he mentioned I looked up at him to see him starring at me I start to get nervous as he comes closer to my face and said. "keziah I love you " he said and kissed my cheek.

(why can't this happen on real life damn it)

(oooo this is gonna hurt and I don't know him ) "Jr....." I said with a soft voice he looked at me with hopeful eyes waiting for an answer I start to get more sad by the second as his face looked precious I start to open my mouth and tell him the words. "Jr... I like min-" I got cutter off "no don't tell me I already know... let me be happy for this one moment" he said looking at the sun I left him alone (le cries sorry jr still don't know you)
after Jr confessed to me he walked me home and made sure I was save even after what happened as I got inside I turned on the lights and went to my room for a second I felt something grab me from behind. "hey! let me go stop" I struggle I was about to do my thai kwan dyoooo until I heard the person say. "go out with me" I stopped moving and looked behind me to find "beakho? what the hell man " I said pushing him off me and punching him in the arm he grabbed his arm and laughed since I guess he was hurt and happy. "I'm sorry but how the hell you get in my house? " I asked him "your mom let me in " he said as he got closer to me I sat down on my bed him as well "mom really you let this in my house " I thought out loud "hey!! is your oppa a thing he said pushing me "he is if he tries to scare me in the break of night why do you want" I said coldly the day was getting to me I waited for his answer in deep thought when he said "go out with me" .I looked at him confused he never done this before and when he does it's always a joke but this time seem different. "go out with you... oppa quit pljaying quit messing with my mind baby" I sung him ukiss while dancing my own chreo. "I'm serious keziah" he told me stern I didn't buy it I got up and looking at him straight in his face and said "prove it" I got out of his grill to start another dance and song to make him but before I knew it I was on my bed with him looking at my eyes. "go out with me keziah" he leaned in and kissed my.........


(what we're you thinking yah nastys this A'int no 50 shades of Nu'est) "is this enough proof for you?"he got up and left. ( here that...that's beakho fans crying in the wind)
after all that stress I needed a close friend to talk to that knows not only me but the rest of these dorks so I started to call Ren he and I share secrets all the Time and we swore if we ever and mean ever tell anyone else....well let's not think it. "so jr likes you and beakho pinned you down and said date me?" he repeated "yes oppa as clear as day like what happen did you guys take something I don't know about I'm lost here I don't know why I'm going through this it's late and I can't process on 15 hours of sleep " I said frantically he started to laugh at my response as I catch my breath "thanks glad to know I'm loved" I said sarcastically "calm down now " he chuckles "well is it my turn? " he said "yeah go ahead what's on your fabulous mind" I said with sarcasm. "well I want to asked this girl out" he told me "ohmoya oppa and a girl I cry what will your fans say " i said yes I do know I'm friends with nu'est it took me a year to get over the fact..... well to clam down. "hey if they want me to be happy then it's fine besides I really like her " he exclaimed "wah okay okay have you asked her? " I asked "I'm about to " he said "OMG really like now yes okay be sweet but not to sweet like girly like cause we already have a issue with that but be like yourself but sweet manly OMG this is so exciting " I said quickly . "okay I'm ready" he said and went silent I waited for him to comeback thinking I'm on hold until I heard his voice. "keziah.... " I heard him say "yes oppa-nim" I said to him. "will you...go out with me" (yes why not I see you(─‿─)ㅋㅋㅋ)
that was alot right?...I such a good writer when I'm not lazy ofc.
I feel like fainting my mind went so many places with beakho.....Oh wait I remember him now......still oblivious to everything ...okay so my friends it's time for me to go
I know I know you have to wait Saturday again sob sob but before the day is over I'll maybe update who knows
yes yes your happiness makes me happy but for now the cliff hanger shall be.

tagging my Saturday cartoon buddies.

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-hugs @KeziahWright back
I did miss you! !!!
Like the pictures! !!Actually I like it all!!
wanna play dis please
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