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I would definitely recommend anyone to watch Tokyo Ghoul. The plot and the evolution of the main character, Kaneki, is so interesting to follow . I can't wait for the next season to come out! So, TG lovers/haters: bring your arguments on!
@erza1205 Really?! Sugoi! 😄 Us Shinigamis think alike, you know! 😁 And I knew I wasn't the only one that cried, but something making me cry is unusual for me, so I thought it was noteworthy.
OMG @ShinigamiSan! You think anime just like I do! I agree with everything you've listed and I can tell you that you were not the only one who cried when Hide passes away :/
I feel like I should comment on this even though I mentioned Tokyo Ghoul on another critique, but one of my faves. Kaneki is super relatable in the beginning of the anime, and ultimately I think I would end up going insane just like Kaneki if I was put in his situation. Hide was a lovable goofball (and I love goofy or pervy characters! 😂 don't judge.), and , as a guy that usually is somewhat stoic, it's a big deal that his death legitimately brought me tears. Not to mention awesome supernatural powers and epic fight scenes! 😄
I saw a card a little while ago reporting that season 3 is expected in the spring 2016 season, but that it will be a reboot. I haven't read the manga, but I love the anime, and reboot or continuation, I'm excited to see what happens!
So am I @OtakuDemon10! The end of season 2 was a mysterious one and I can't wait to see what happens next :D