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I am starting a new series of cards called Business As Usual (BAU) to GET EVERYONE EVEN MORE PISSED at the blatant corruption in the American "justice" system. So, when you see BAU in the title, you'll know exactly what it's about and it'll get your heart rate pumping before you even read it. Feel free to use the BAU term yourself when you discover corruption and want to write a card about it.
In an article published on January 27th in Complex, it was reported that Chicago Cops are very busy keeping the cycle of police corruption up and running. Complex first learned and reported that "80 percent of the department's 850 dashcams didn't record audio due to what the police department's own investigation called "operator error or in some cases intentional destruction."
While the underbelly of Chicagoans pretty much have always known that the Chicago Police Department was a major hub for injustice and corruption--dating back to before the Daleys ran it--the straw that broke the camel's back stemmed from the Police shooting and death of unarmed black man, Laquan McDonald. Jason Van Dyke, the officer who pulled the trigger is awaiting trial for McDonald's murder.
But that's just one instance where a former cop has had charges brought against them. Imagine ALL THE OTHER TIMES CORRUPT COPS KILL (OR HARM) THAT DON'T GET PROSECUTED.
The same department that allowed audio/visual equipment to be destroyed, paid for by tax-payers, is also the same department that issued a report claiming a "70 percent increase in the amount of video uploaded after officers' shifts" since the McDonald murder and subsequent investigation into why 80% of dashcams were broken.

Do you believe them?

I'm glad someone is writing something on justice system corruption. just a suggestion for future cards or for people in general - definitely watch "making a murderer" on Netflix. it clearly shows issues throughout the system and how it abuses people and it is both saddening and infuriating
Agreed @RaquelArredondo What kills me more than the blatant corruption and abuse (cop on civilian crime) is the refusal by higher ups in government to discipline these cops. There are two groups of people that get to do whatever the hell they want: Corrupt Cops and Church Child Molestors. They never get disciplined or prosecuted. They just get moved from here to there. Always quiet. Always protected. There is a special place in hell, I hope, for scum like these groups of people (and the people that protect them)!
@marshalledgar you're right on that case. It just shows how we, as a society, have grown reluctant to these discriminations and abuse. Yes of course many protest but it subsides once it becomes "old" news. That also shows the sad reality of life. There's basically no use in trying to make a change if things will end up being the same way as before.
Pssshh no haha Technology has advanced so much that it can make better, working cameras for the officers. There's no excuse to the violence and the corruption of these police officers.
This seems like and awesome and really important topic:) there is so much wrong with our justice system, I totally believe we should be talking about it!
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