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This is an interesting topic. Since I've been into K-Pop, I have discovered other artists that are not K-Pop related because of K-Pop.


Margaret is a 24 year old Polish singer and fashion designer. I discovered her because her song "Thank You Very Much" was playing in the background of one of UNIQ's videos and it caught my attention. Slide right to watch the music video.

⚠This video contains a lot of nudity. Watch at your own risk!⚠

Zara Larsson

Zara is an 18 year old Swedish singer and songwriter. I actually discovered her on Spotify first, but I later learned that she wrote f(x)'s "Cash Me Out". She has a lot of great songs that I like, but my favorite from her currently is "Lush Life". Slide right to hear her version of "Cash Me Out" and her music video for "Lush Life".

So my question is has K-Pop helped you discover non-Kpop artists? If so, let me know in the comments!