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I'm sort of depressed and when I'm depressed I like to watch sad anime I know it makes no sense but I ran out of sad and depressing anime to watch so can someone give me some sad anime titles please manga works to
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Thanks guys my best friend just died so I'll probably be a bit depressed for awhile so sorry if I pass on any of my depression by posting on commenting any sad or depressing stuff
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@Sexyshirolover I'm so sorry about your friend:/ if you need to talk you are welcome to talk to me!
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It makes sense to me, knowing watching sad shows(anime in your case) or listening to sad music isn't really about feeling more depressed, it's mainly about knowing that you're not alone or that there's hope for happier days or just adjusting to living with that new sadness. Honestly, it's one way of letting it all out.
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Wolf's Rain
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