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How can you not watch this...Moorim School Korean TV series. When those two Hottie are in it. Released: January 11 2016
Lee Hong-Bin (이홍빈) 李弘彬 Born : September 29, 1993 (Member of VIXX) This is what we get to see♡♡♡♡
Lee Hyun-Woo (이현우) 李玹雨 Born: March 23, 1993 Two cutest men with great Body... I mean acting.
♡♡♡♡♡Love them♡♡♡♡♡
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@kissofdeath316 It isn't be shortened that I know of. I read up that the companies said it would still go the full 20 episodes
I've heard that's it's going to be 16 instead
@kissofdeath316 I decided to look again, and I think that might be the case. That's saddening :/ I love Moorim...
me too! it's a really good drama