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okay so this is a GOT7 fanfic and it's my first one so....... here goes nothing
All of the boys of the Got7 group had walked into the practice room tired and irritated from waking up early in the am. Mark as usual was behind the others and slowly lagging behind. So Jackson laid back and waited for Mark to catch up with him.
“Mark is anything up with you? You’ve been kinda distracted lately”. Mark looked at his best friend and band mate then smiled.
“Yeah I’m cool”. I can tell he’s lying but I’m not going to push the point “All right if you say so”.
Jackson wanting to avoid an awkward situation began to walk away when the older hyung grabbed his wrist. “Alright, fine, I’m not okay…I’m just a little bit overwhelmed lately and I know that the rest of you are too, but it’s really starting to get to me, I just think it would be a good idea if I left the group for a while”. Jackson was taken aback and he could tell by the older boys’ facial expression that he was serious.
“Leave the group”?
“Yeah, what do you think I should do Jackson”?
“It isn’t up to me, it’s up to you, but I’ll stand by whatever you decide to do”.
“I thought you would say that”.
“Mark quit holding stuff in and say what you are feeling”. I know Mark is my best friend but it really irritates me when he does this. I feel like he is so secretive with me and I tell him everything. He even knows about my lame insecurities…not even JB knows.
The older boy grabs Jackson hand and lowered his face so that the younger wouldn’t be able to see his face. “When I leave…will you go with me”?
Jackson looked at Mark. the older looked completely Vulnerable and he knew that whatever answer he gave the older now was either going to lead the group to success or to ruin.
Soooooo... i just wrote a prologue first to test it out. So if you guy's like it please tell me if you want me to continue writing it. If you do i'll tag you! Thx!
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