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(Story. Characters: Taehyung , You, and BTS)
You felt a warm arm pull you in closer as you laid in bed. You opened your eye's to Taehyung holding you tightly his leg over yours as he barred his face into your back. You smiled at his warmth you've been dating for about a year and living with eatch other since the first 5 months. "Good morning." He smiled as he kissed your cheek. "Good morning." You replied as you gently stroked his hair back. Taehyung smiled as he closed his eyes. "You're making me fall back asleep." He said as he yawned. You let out a chuckle. "Lay with me~~" He whined. "Ok but we need to get up soon you have practice." You say as he holds you. ---------(Fast Forward)-------- You wait for Taehyung at the dorm the company was nice enough to give you two your own you pull out a few movies and candy it was tradition now to have movie nights. You jump as the door slams open. You watch as Taehyung storms in. You look at his angry face as he storms into the room. He accidentally knocks over some papers from the dresser. You watch as he picks them back up angrily throwing them back on the dresser. "IS everything okay?" You ask . "I need my space right now." He says as he sits on the bed. "Okay." You say understanding. You look at him as you walk out of the room. "You're just going to leave like that!?" You hear him yell from your room. "What?" You asked confused as you walked back in. "You're not going to try and make me feel better!?" He yells. "Im sorry." You say confused. "Im sorry , Im sorry, Thats all you say." He yells. You feel your heart beat fast confused. "Tae.." You say softly. "Just shut up." He yells. You reach out your hand to touch his arms "Im sorry." You say again. "I dont need your sorry are you stupid!?" You bit your lip to his words. as tears start streaming down you're face. "Are you crying to make me feel bad!?" He yelled. "No." you say as you whipe your tears. "You went off on me for no reason." You cry. "You walked away from me you bitch!" He yells. You cry even harder. There was a loud knock at your door. "I'll get it since you're crying." he said as he left the room. you could hear Jimin and Yoongis voices. You hear Taehyung agree to go with jimin to practice. You watched as he came back in the room to grab his phone. "I'll be back later." he says. You hug eatch other good bye. A few minutes had passed when there was another knock. You opened the door to see Yoongi. "Are you ok?" he asked. "Yea why wouldn't I be?" You smiled. "Just making sure." He said as he looked at you with a worried look on his face as you let him in. "I.. Well we - Jimin and I umm we heard you guys." Yoongi let out. "Oh." You said embarrassed. "Taehyung Just had abad day the manager was yelling at him and he fell a couple of times I know he was upset but he didn't have to get mad at you." Yoongi said as he let out a sigh. "I know he had a bad day I know he doesn't mean everything he says when he's mad we all say things we don't mean when were angry." You smile. Yoongi smiled as he stood up. "Then how about I make us some Tea? " He smiles. "You sit down." He says as he pointed to the sofa. "Thanks." You smile. You looked through your phone and came across old photos of you and Taehyung you smiled at his smile it looked so loving. You held in you're tears and you flipped from photo to photo you missed him smiling like that.
Woah um tae need to watch himself calling her a bitch
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Omg its so sad already馃槩
my baby hyung did another fan fic saranghae hyung let's drink bubble tea together
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