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We all know it, but it must be said again, Karl Lagerfeld (for Chanel), can do no wrong. In typical Lagerfeld fashion, the Grand Palais was transformed into an eco-centric, zen pavilion--something you'd see in California on a bluff, secluded from the noise and chaos of life.
His era-gone-by runway collection actually consisted of garments made with recycled materials and eco-friendly production processes. Reported by Vogue, Lagerfeld said, “This is high-fashion ecology. It must not look like some sloppy demonstration!”
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I really enjoyed this shows production and garments. I didn't know the garments were sustainability focused, that's make them more awesome. And flow of the dresses were magical. Also, I had a dream a few weeks b4 the show of me walking around the empty runway...freaky.
Wow--that's kind of a crazy dream you had @StyleComposer hehehe
@marshalledgar It was crazy! Well actually it was anticlimactic since I was just walking around an empty place lol. I think I was in the box with three of the models (b4 I knew they were models) for a second lol.
It's so funny what our dreams create for us when we sleep. It's like another world completely!
@marshalledgar It is! I'm usually skinny in my dreams lol.