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My best friend died this morning at 3:06.a.m. and I'd like to say that though she was my best friend honestly I never thought of her that way she was more like the sister I never had she meant the world to me and I definitely would have ended up in a gutter some where if not for her she was a kind heart and loving person and I would not have traded anything for the time we spent together she help me through some rough times and to me deserve all the happiness possible dead or not she will always be my best friend and I will never forget her and her kindness
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I'm so sorry for your loss I know what is is like I wish you the best of all the time to feel better
I feel like this isn't a time for a joke but I just reseed like on this card... Can someone please tell me why it feels so wrong.. ANYWAY so sorry for you, you know the vingle nakama are here if you need to talk!!
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