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I was bored of waching anime so I play some anime games. I went to play store and search up anime games and that when I found the most awsomest game of my whole life! BLEACH: SOUL BRAVE I've waited soo long for a BLEACH game to come out and finally my dream came true!
So basically how you play this game is like the story from the anime then when you come to battles you have to battle hollows and at the end you battle the boss.
As you go on, you get stronger and stronger and the enemies keep getting more and more difficult to battle. You have to level your characters t become stronger. Not just by leveling them up makes them stronger.
In this game you can also add friends and play with them. So make sure you add me too. Myname is Brittany <3 , or you can put my ID number wich is 58 492 423 and I'll accept your request.
BOUNS! You can also play the ONE PIECE: TREASURE CRUISE. It is also a good game to play. Is the same where you play like the anime story and also fight enemies. But I still think the BLEACH game is better! What do you think about them? Which one do you is the best?
I'm gonna get it now! It looks awesome
@brittanybocaneg who is your main team that you like?
i love this game like no other. its refreshing to have a game thats fluid with characters i absolutely love. only thing that gets me though is the loading screens.
@Kirooken Good I hope you like it, it is awsome
@CrymsonDeath Ichigo of course!
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