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Awww look at that cute little face .....
This was requested by @Juliag13 @NasiaWright and @amberg171997
I made this one into a story so that I wouldn't get as carried away as I did with the last one. I kind of went into J-Hope gif overload, and now my phone hates me.
When you first meet its kind of awkward. He's shy and doesn't quite know how to act around such a beautiful girl.
But he quickly gets attached to you and your constant presence. His eyes are always on you when you walk into the room.
So when you aren't there he finds himself searching and waiting for you.
You always come back though and Jungkook is excited when you return.
One day you fix the boys lunch and he can't help himself he eats it deliciously..... all of it.
Jungkook loves it because he can be himself around you. He likes to tease you and make faces. He sees you as his Noona.
One day his Hyungs are talking about how beautiful you are and which one of them should date you. Jungkook doesn't know what is going on. Why is his heart racing all of the sudden?
He goes outside to think about it. That is when he realizes he is in love with you.
He doesn't know how to tell you. So he acts cold towards you.
He quickly sees that it is only pushing you away. Jungkook wants you closer to him but you are getting farther away...
You had been avoiding him but on your way home you run into him and he pulls you into the practice room, he tells you everything.
You are relieved to learn that the reason he has been so cold isn't something you had done. You laugh and cut up with him just like in the past and it feels good. You are feeling much better when he asks, "So Noona, how do you feel about me?".


I had fun with this one! And yes ^that gif there^ is how I feel right now. lol! I'm just kidding. I hope you guys enjoy this and let me know about what you think I should do next. And just a little disclaimer I didn't let this one get to steamy because he is a fetus and I ain't about that life.
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@ScarletMermaid me nether. im not saying its bad that you him like that.
I was on the edge of my set
@ScarletMermaid no lol. In truth he's not that much younger than me but I still get the fetus vibe πŸ˜‚
@ashleyemmert haha he's older than me by 3 years sadly 😭😝...
@NasiaWright jeez your a fetus too lolπŸ˜‚ I'm older than him by four years haha that means I'm seven years older than you 😭 wow thanks now I feel old. I guess that makes me your grandmother 😜