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Soda was one of those drinks I luckily didn't drink often as a child, but many people across the globe are addicted to soda.
Everyone knows the stuff isn't good for you, and yet we can't leave it alone. For those who are looking for some motivation to leave the pop alone, I caught a cool YouTube video which discussed what would happen to your body if you only drank soda.
First, the enamel in your teeth would wear off, which would subsequently give you a ton of cavities.
Here’s some even more frightening news: If you substitute the daily recommended eight glasses of water a day with eight glasses of (non-diet) cola, then you’ve consumed 5,432 extra calories. Yes, that means that even a day of drinking only soda will be putting you on a path of significant weight gain.
So if you want to avoid heavy weight gain and protect your teeth, avoid Soda at all costs.
I drank a Mountain Dew as I watched this...
Oh god. Even thinking about this is horrifying. I can't even bring myself to watch the video...