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When your mom walks into your room and sees you with an almost empty carton of ice cream. The carton that she just bought two hours ago...
Then you realize you don't care about what she thinks and go back to enjoying yourself.
Half an hour later. Feeling sad because you (by you I actually mean me lol) lack self control.
Then you remember that Zico is against thigh gaps and feel better about yourself and find something else to eat.
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Zico and Jin are the literal reasons why I eat as much as i do. Though i feel bad and start exercising afterwards lol
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lol how am I just seeing all these comments now? @XionHeart same 😂. I'll have to go twice as hard the next time I go to the gym. I'll probably get something to eat right after though...
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where is the interview with Zico from?
2 years ago·Reply
@Moose1998 I believe it was from an episode of beatles code
2 years ago·Reply
Jin is my food spirit animal
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