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@meyrinmichaelis I caught you Lol also The before and after omg Keep your freaking glasses off and get contacts or somthing
I told you My Lady. I need the glasses to protect my young Master. No one thinks a clumsy maid can do what I can, no they don't! *A mischievous smile*
@meyrinmichaelis Alright..I give up for Now
Sebastian likes it when my glasses are off too... He always looks deep in my eyes, like he's peering into my soul.
@Yatosgirl I agree Mey-Rin is cool without her glasses but she can't replace them. The young lord gave them to her and a present from the young lord can not simply be replaced.
@Yatosgirl @JessicaFerrier Thats true too. My Young Master's gift is a precious as gold to me!