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Need assistance
Hello Vingle friends. I've been struggling a bit lately and the depression coaster is about to begin its spiral. As such I turn to you all for distraction! What kind? Any kind! Anything helps. October thanks you!
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you* sorry im bad at spellchecks
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@OctoberHymns Today is a new day. You got good advice here. Have you shared a pic of your cat in that community? Sometimes just sharing things you love makes the day brighter. 馃榾 Just wanted you to know someone was thinking about you today.
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thank you @EasternShell and everyone. You all helped a lot
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Watch movies!! Got a fav TV show? Go watch it! Color in coloring books, for adults or kids who cares!!! Do what you love to do and if someone doesn't like it then TELL 'EM TO SHOVE IT!!! Then walk away with a boss and I'll create an explosion in the background! You'll be in a Michael Bay movie!!!! 馃槃
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DANGIT I CANNOT TYPE TO SAVE MY LIFE!!!! I meant walk away like a boss, not with a boss. That'd be weird
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