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Wise words from Korean dramas.
one of the best kdramas! i couldn't count how many times it touched and melted my heart....JGS is so impressive with his acting not to mention yoona. i LOVE their chemistry and i look forward to their teamup again
compared to the dramas in the phlpnes i prefer to watch korean dramas becoz of the uniquenes n touchng stories especialy love rain i realy like it hoping there will be another season of drama between jan geun suk n yoona
Love story between two generations. Impressive story's structure and sake of love for their beloved one, not to say the wonderful sceneries, shouldn't "Love rain" be praised? It should be loved and praised and it worth to watch!!
thankss i will watch it.. ^^
The ending wasn't awful either, but it definitely could have been better. All around, one of the best kdramas out there<3
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