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G-Friend fans angered that iKON member mocked Yuju's falling accident?

Last September, many fans were worried after witnessing G-Friend slip and fall numerous times on a slippery stage. Now, some of those same fans are angered after watching fancam footage of iKON member Jinhwan possibly mocking the incident. >>here<<
Fist of all... i highly disagree Jinwhan fell. by him self. to mock someone. i mean really would you hurt yourself purposely to mock someone i dont think so i doubt he fell on purpose Jinwan is really clumsy (you can see in the second video) and hes really sweet you can honstly tell he DID NOT do it on purpose
Now....one thing is saying he fell on purpose while another starting to be rude and saying stuff like being exterminated i mean really...i dont even know...i just hope they stop all this nonsense and everything gets cleared up so ikon stops getting hate
Okay now on top all that here i have new that got me really upset...

Rapper B-Free says he's going to b**** slap BTS the next time he sees them

For people that don't know the backstory B-Free dissed Rap Monster and Suga at an event in 2013 and angry BTS fans attack him. Things have been relatively quiet since then until old wounds were re-opened when B-Free apologized for his actions just a few days ago. Even after posting his apology, he has been constantly attacked by BTS fans and it appears he has had enough. >>read more<<
Okay First...why would the fans bring this whole situation up again like really this was 2 years ago 2 FREAKING YEARS AGO like come on really and i hate how BFree so he posted some stuff on instagram and twitter but apparently he erased what his twitted but he said this- I swear bts got some retarded a** fans (Instagram) — free (@realbfree) January 30, 2016 yall did it congrats! when i see your oppas i'mma b**** slap them so hard for all of yall thank you (twitter) — free (@realbfree) January 30, 2016
I mean seriously after apologizing oh my goodness and then he posted a picture of what a fan told him showing everyone how she called him the n word and how everything triggered...but there is a twist...the girl apparently wasn't even a bts fan ughhhhh so now Bfree fans are gaining up on armys and saying we are stupid for listening to wanna be hip-hop artist and armys are also saying stuff like if bfree is hip-hop how come he haven't made to the charts...so to both bfree fans and armys are bashing each other right now...ughhhhhh can all of this just stop seriously
Ughhh like i said so much hatred...Man being in multifandoms is so stressful all of this just started today like oh my goodness ughhhh

What do you guys think about all of this??

And another thing Bfree has been attacked for two years by ARMYS. Hell I dont know how he kept his cool until now I probaly would have snapped the second day. But really the man fucking apologized it might not have been directly but still. A grown man apologizing and putting his pride aside should be enough. Im also sure BTS wants to keep evreything peaceful. Kpop is supposed to be a family but a few childish papos gotta ruin it all.
wtf I swear people take things too seriously. Jinhwan has fallen on stage like three times (he really needs to stop doing that spin/twirl thing) and he's an absolute sweetheart so he probably didn't do it on purpose. People need to stop hating on ikon... As for the bts/b free thing. I'm not really sure how to feel since on one hand I want to protect my boys but if I put myself in his shoes and a bunch of girls were calling me names after I try and apologize I'd be pissed off too. Not enough to call them names or threaten to slap bts though. Hopefully everything blows over soon. Forgive and forgot, you know?
I'm not even gonna say anything lol. Everything is becoming too childish.
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I need a hug I am done I am sorry
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