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Can someone please help me understand?
What is with all of the in- fighting? The "hobby" of K-Pop is already thinly spread between people around the world, so why are fans and idols usually getting offended and angry with one another? As a member of a minority group I can easily say that no minority group got far by being easily broken. We should be banding together to spread the awesomeness of K-Pop! Is anyone else sick of the EXO-L's against the mass media, ARMY'S against BFree, and fans against people who don't like K-Pop? Haters gonna hate. There isnt anything you can do about it. More questions, why are some fans angry at members for leaving? I know this is a sensitive subject but, who cares if EXO lost members? Hate to break it to you, but getting upset and complaining about it isn't going to do anything. They left and they are not coming back. Why don't you just push past it and say "That's a bummer." You'll be happier.
Why can't we all just get along? SOLIDARITY!! It's a pretty fantastic word! One that should be used to sum up all K- Pop fans! With K-Pop becoming more and more popular in places around the world, we should be ready to be supporting and welcoming to newcomers! Thoughts anyone? How do you all feel about K-Pop ' s fanbase? To sensitive or reasonable?
There are so many that blow things out of proportion. We are all fans of various, and in most cases more than one, groups, so why can't we just get along? So ur a part of a certain fandom: that doesn't mean u have to hate on others just because they are 'rivals'. There should be no 'rivals' amongst the kpop fans; we all love the music, the groups, the members. Why can't we love each other?
I agree!!! I love everyone <3
Thank you!!!🙌✌️💞