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Day two and my fello hottest have voted... Next introduction is....

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul!

before i even go and give the basics...there is a must know cause it actually does annoy most hottests that have love 2pm since debut. NICHKHUN IS THAI CHINESE-AMERICAN! NOT JUST THAI! GOSH! He was born in USA and raised in Thailand and USA. and carries a duel citizenship in both countries.
Mr. Sexy here was born on June 24 1988. Making his chinese sign the Dragon and his western sign a Cancer. And just so happens to be the face of 2pm as well as a rapper. Nicknames: Khun, Khunnie, Thai Prince, Wink Machine Blood Type: O Hieght: 180cm / 5 feet 9 inches Weight: 64kg / 141 pounds Religion: Buddhism
this cute devil in disguise is multilingual. yes all of 2pm know korean and Japanese... but taecyeon jun.k and nichkhun are master of english NIchkhun also master of Thai and learning Chinese. 5 languages...damn.
He has been on running man over 5 times. Appears in multiple vareity shows with and without 2pm. He was in the Host Club japanese movie and im the Chinese drama Summer and Half. His acting skills language skills. modeling skills, rapping skills are out of this world. So much so that you would think he wasn't human.
He writes his own songs, acts, sings, dance, models, does charity....on no wonder his fans thinks he an angel. makes you want to see him when he not all smiles kind of haha.
2 down 4 to go... time to vote once again. remember this js just basic info you want to learn more about your favorite gotta do thr work haha +Chansung the banana +Taecyeon the OkCat +Jun.k Mr. No Love Panda +Wooyoung Boy Bbiyak @MelissaGarza @victoria97 @MaeLyn @Nikkitty @drummergirl691 @jiyongixoxo @Helixx @BBXGD @marisamusic @LaurenDimalanta @PrettueeEmm @EliseB @tiffany1922 @Annaharris1989 @IsoldaPazo
my baby😍❤ oh and and now they get mad cause it's supposed to say Thai-Chinese American us hottest like everything to be exact lol
@Nikkitty more like language teacher xD
I don't know why but he's a sexy history teacher to me 💀
wow i never really like Nichkhun, but now i do!
Too beautiful 😍😍
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