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So I finally got one of my dream boards for a birthday present as well as my girl's first one for Christmas. And since we're dating I get to ride both of them. Can't get much better than this. Soon enough I'll need to replace my bearings and trucks. Any tips on which trucks I should get for the Screaming Hand.?
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some generic no names. they aren't bad but it certainly doesn't turn as well as my girlfriend's does. @blakethetrain
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well theres always the main trucks like paris or caliber ect. i ride paris on my dh board and i like them a lot
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Randalls aren't really that bad either
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Just look on daddiesboardshop or muirskate generally anything they sell is great. Calibers, Paris, gullwing, bear, or atlas. I have the most experience with Paris and caliber in which either are amazing. Just find some you think look nice.
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