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ah come looking 4 a partner of life or partner to fight??? i always hate it...a man who hits his woman *excpt another hiting if u knw what i mean* what about u??? give me ur opinions...
oh hell no that's a no no it's not acceptable in any way if I find out that somebody I know or any of my friends hit a woman I'm a take it upon myself and beat the living crap out of you because ist just not acceptable
It's never acceptable to hit anyone, regardless of gender.
@Straightshooter Exactly this, if you engage me with violence, my response will be violence, regardless of gender
Same goes for women hitting men, self defense only.
@Straightshooter you have basically said everything I wanted to say. Yes, it is okay to hit a woman when she has put you in danger of harm, but not in any other situations.
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