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Nu'est Screenshot Game Results

This vingler created a Nu'est screenshot game @jessicaacosta90 and I am so excited to show you all who I got for the scenarios that she gave!! Nu'est is one of the top 20 Kpop bands that I LOVE!

Has a Crush on You: Aron

You have a Crush on Him: Minhyun

Wants to Date you: Baekho

.... my heart may have just skipped a beat on this one! Ah! So, um, dude, take some action!

Asks You Out: JR

My heart stopped, I'm dead. Yep, that's it, I'm dead. Done! Finished! ahahahahahhahahahahahaahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! And I said, "Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!"

Jealous Type: Baekho

That just makes me like him even more!

Steals Me: Baekho

Who in the hell says he stole me? Did he? Or did I go with him? Questions, questions....
Okay, so, he is the jealous type, that wants to date me, and the thought of JR and I being together just threw him over the edge, but still.... who said he stole me???

Saves Me: Ren

Really? Okay, well, that's weird. But on a side note, this is the most attractive photo I've seen of Ren. - True fact, yo! ;)

You End Up With: Baekho

Okay, he isn't my JR, but he is my second bias in Nu'est!!! I think I would be soooo freakin' happy with this, I mean, come on! It is Baekho!! AHhh
Okay, deep breath, and fangirling is over. Now, it's ya'll's turn!
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