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She arrived at Chanyeol's home, she didn't know where he lived but she could remember the house number before she left earlier that same day. Her thoughts had never been clear and she couldn't understand why so many secrets were hidden from her. Was it really that bad to be hiding so much?.
Ah Ri was crying in his embrace and she held on tightly to his now-covered-in-tears plain shirt. He caressed her light brown hair with his firm big hands and kissed the top of her forehead.
"Yah, Ri, it's going to be ok. She was just trying to not start a feud between you and Eun Seul."
"I know but why hide it for so long. 14 years Chanyeol, 14 years I spent my life in an oblivious torment. If I would have known before, I would have forgiven her and we both shouldn't have to worry about it anymore".
"Just, give it some time and when you think you're ready to talk to her, then maybe all of it can go away". He said touching her face with both of his hands and his iconic smile on his face.
Even though Ah Ri was never a quick-forgiving kind of girl, she couldn't always hide recentment from Eun Seul or anyone that she loves deeply, not even her own mother no matter how many secrets she hid from her.
~~~~~ Ah Ri had taken Chanyeol's words into consideration and decided to wait for Eun Seul to finally face her after a year of isolating herself away from her blind cousin. Ah Ri was growing impatient and she painted herself angry on her notebook. The days had become longer than usual and there was never a time where she didn't worry about Eun Seul forgetting her request to come and see her. Ah Ri painted and painted away her patience. Drawing sad women, animals and even a very depressing sky. And every time she touched the drawings with her bare hands, she would see a vision of keen suffering and anger reflecting towards the mood of the what she had drawn.
The only vision she could never understand was the one with the woman in the white dress and black long veil. She had no idea what it meant but she never forgot about it. She had drawn the woman in white many times on her notebook and sometimes painted her on the palette Chanyeol had given her the month before his department. It was a very well detailed painting.
It was a simple but yet an interesting picture. She did not draw the young woman with a white dress, instead she went with a black dress. Her mother had asked her why she had drawn such a dark picture, but Ah Ri just stayed quiet, not willing to tell her mother about the visions she was having and just stood there. Surprisingly, this was the only painting her mother did not destroy. She thought the picture of the young woman was by far the prettiest of all of Ah Ri's paintings; very interesting and different from the others.
After weeks of waiting she decided to give up on the thought of Eun Seul ever seeing her. Her patience for Eun Seul was all gone and now all her mind had settled on was of her and Chanyeol. He had been visiting her often. When he saw the paintin of the woman, he asked what it meant. Ah Ri hesitated for a moment but decided to tell him everything.
"When I was blinded, i gained a power of seeing things that are not actually happening or had happened before, at least i think it hasn't. I never told my mom about it because i knew she would try to find a way to get rid of it."
"And the painting?, was it one of you visions too?". He asked back hugging her and resting his chin on her shoulder.
"Yes, but i was never able to understand why i had it. At first, there was just a mirrior and then she appeared. Soon, another woman came in too and from there it got all confusing."
"what happened in the vision that was soooooo confusing". he said teasing her.
"Hmmm, well, the other woman was wearing almost the same clothing as the other but in different colors. Then, more mirrors appeared covered in veils. The woman in that i drew broke all the mirrors and stabbed the other woman......until they disappeared."
"Then, what else happened?"
"Then, i was back in my room but the woman was in my reflection on the mirror. She started patting my hair softly until it started to hurt but she wouldn't let go. When she was gone i was in box. You appeared infront of me and i ran towards you but, then, everything was back to normal and you were gone too".
Everything Ah Ri was telling him sounded like a mystery to him and he kept on asking questions but he noticed that she was getting uncomfortable and stopped himself.
"Did Eun Seul finally talked to you?".
"It's been weeks since I asked her to come over, she hasn't come at all during that amount of time. My mom called Aunt Nina to ask again but she said Eun Seul was really sick and couldn't make it. I knew she was lying to cover up her daughter."
"I'm sure she'll talk to you, just, gotta be patient". He said sitting both of them down on the bed and placing Ah Ri on top of him. He looked at her with a sly smile on his thick rose pink lips and kissed her for the longest period of time. For Ah Ri, his kisses were visions of her happiness and she didn't want it gone. All she ever wanted was to be as happy as she is with Chanyeol. But why was it that in some of those visions Eun Seul was the only unhappy one?
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