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Last September, many fans were worried after witnessing G-Friend slip and fall numerous times on a slippery stage. Now, some of those same fans are angered after watching fancam footage of iKON member Jinhwan possibly mocking the incident.
On January 30, iKON held the first of their two day concert at Seoul's Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. As per usual, various fancam footage of the event were uploaded online after the event took place. However, the fancams of iKON dressed up as girls and performing G-Friend's "Me Gustas Tu" in particular piqued the interest of many.
The fancam footage showed iKON member Jinhwan slipping and falling which some interpreted as him mocking Yuju's fall. Others came to quick defense of Jinhwan stating that he is clumsy and falls down a lot. After G-Friend fans were angered and things became controversial, many of the fancams were quickly taken down by the uploaders.
What are your thoughts?
I saw the video and it looked like he just slipped while doing a twirl. I don't think he would be stupid enough to fall on purpose.
Whoa that's not cool? They got hurt doing that!
I think that is bullshit, people don't actually know if he ment it on purpose. Just because he fell on accident doesn't mean people have to accuse him. Jinhwan Is not that kind of person.
I have to take Jinhwan's side on this one. I mean it was mean but you never know what could have happened.
If you have seen the show called Immortal song 2 a couple weeks ago G friend was performing and the issue of the constant slipping was talked about. and other guests were asked to perform G friends song. they did and one of the guys did the slip and everyone burst into laughter. G friend is over the whole issue and they continue to show how professional they are by continuing getting back up and laughing about the whole thing. I don't think IKON deserves all the hate. Boy groups always make fun of the girl groups. I remember SES, 2NE1, SNSD, Wondergirls, Browneyedgirl, and many more that guys groups did parodies on. Come on guys stop being all so uptight about everything. G friend should do a parody on IKON.
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