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I wrote about this drama before as the reunion project for Lee Jongsuk and Yoon Sanghyun (after Secret Garden), you can read about it here: But basically, it's a fantasy romance drama about public defenders who struggle to bring justice to the society. Yoon Sanghyun and Lee Boyoung will be the two lead actors. Where does the fantasy part come in then? It's right in the title: reading people's thought. Bam! I know right? Jongsuk's character is 'not a boy, not yet a man' who can read minds. He will partner with Boyoung and investigate cases together. And I smell love triangle, once again. (It's literally everywhere in Kdrama) I'm loving the fantasy part about this drama, but can't quite get myself to love the plot yet. Especially when there are so many good plots for this summer. But I'm gonna watch this anyway, because of Jongsuk <3 p.s: his hair looks terrible in the photos.