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This was the burger I just ate at Bob's Atomic Burgers. It was amazing and I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on the dish. Do you like burgers and if so, what do you like on it? Or if you don't, what do you not like about it?!? Not judging if you don't like burgers, only a little. ;) @alywoah @thepinkprincess @nicolejb @tessstevens @kpopandkimchi @shannonl5 @danidee @maddie27 @ercurrent
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Mmm yes. They are delicious and I'm for it. I love blue cheese, bacon, and hot sauce on my burgers.
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Ahh I've actually never tried burgers from there!!!
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I'm picky about burgers tbh. The bun has to be really good, I prefer them to be cooked either rare or medium rare, And I always pick the lettuce off XD
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LOVE BURGERS! Esp. the really weird unique ones. :) fusion types with all the cool toppings!
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