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p.s. i do not know what yoongi and jin said, mian. : ( i honestly love how they don't say anything like "girlfriend" like other groups. bangtan is unique, in a good way. i mean,, ramen with kimchi??? tyvm.
literally me at hoseok bcs what is he saying, that's us falling into the/a fandom.
Yes! lol okay on my night shift on mondays barely anyone comes in so on my phone I listen to some K-Pop songs about coffee while cleaning. Cnblue has a coffee song too? Thi is what I have so far: Coffee by BTS, Coffee shop by BAP and Cafe by Big bang. I need more songs XD!
@jupiterchan if i worked at a coffee shop, i would honestly be playing cnblue and bts bcs coffe e shop and coffee.
Hey Jungkook I work in a coffee shop at my college now. I could make you an Americano if you like ^_^! Lol I am tired don't mind my randomness XD