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So, I've been having some writer's block, and I don't know what to write for my oneshots/fanfiction. I want to write, but my brain is literally saying, "No! You will not!"
So, I was wondering if you guys could leave suggestions for me? You can suggest story ideas, members to write about, etc. Please help me, I really need your suggestions.
Thank You!!
Random Pictures!!!
How about making a fanfic that follows threw plot of an MV? If I were to make a fanfic, or probably wouldn't be written until summer the earliest.
KPOP MEMBERS WITH JETLAG. WHATEVER GROUP YOU WANT. How would they act/react/deal with it?! And if you're dating them and you guys had a planned reunion when they returned from wherever (tour, promotions, etc) how would that go down if they were jet lagged? Would you take care of them? Would you guys fight? Would you both just nap? QUESTIONS THAT SHOULD BE ANSWERED~
1st idea - EXO x Reader fanfic 2nd idea - BTS Yoongi x Reader 3rd idea - EXO Chanyeol x Reader all ideas I have I apologize if they aren't good enough
You can do a fluff with Youngjae or JB from Got7..if that helps
@AmberRelynn no problem!! you can always message me if you need any help or have any questions. warn me when you publish your story on wattpad or something, i wanna read it!! good luck! : ' )
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