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Alright! So I finally got around to making my own Anime Singing Challenge video! In case you didn't see the challenge (or don't remember it, it's been so long lol), the challenge was made by me and the challenge was to make a video of yourself singing at least one song from an anime. Just a warning though, I don't speak Kanji or Romanji or really any Eastern language, so I might sound a little rough for anyone who's fluent.
Without further a due, here it is! I apologize for my ugly face being in this, but I couldn't figure out how to edit the video from my phone.
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lol i am not dooone recording xD i am so busyyyy lol
@jealousshota Here it is.
@LilianaZeferino I'm sure you saw this, but just in case you went investigating too...
@GhoulGasterIRL @YumiMiyazaki @SimplyAwkward omg this is so old, but here's the most recent one I have.
*claps* great job!