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So..., some sh*t has surfaced, again... And, boy is it not pretty... I honestly understand that it's B-Free's opinion and all that, but I think he's taken it too far. It's kind of sad, and possibly sickening, to be honest. (Credit to allkpop)
I know a fair amount of hip hop music, and I understand that several rappers diss about someone else. But, instead of calling fans "retarded" or saying he was going to "bitch slap" BTS, he could've just prevented it by cooling down and apologizing to BTS directly. @drummergirl691
I know it's childish for fans attacking him, but what can they do? They go on defense pretty quickly when their idols are be dissed by another non-idol rapper. It's just their instinct. I respect his opinion of wanting the fans to stop, but I believe it was unnecessary to insult the fans and call them "retarded." Especially since he said that he was going to "b*tch slap" BTS when the idol group had no part in this, (except maybe Namjoon). @MrsBangYongguk
Also, didn't this happen 3 years ago? He apologized, it wasn't a good one, but he did. Some people need to watch some Frozen and Let It Go.
@reyestiny93 I couldn't have said it better.
Okay first his immature asf he needs to take a freaking chill pill and go to anger management sessions. second he shouldn't be insulting fans as well as bts third if he had wanted to apologize to them honestly and sincerely to them he should've done it face to face not on the internet. I agree with @moonchild03 why do it on tweeter were a lot of army's are He needs to grow some fxxxking balls and man up and take responsibility for what he did. Another thing he just wants attention so let's just ignore him but God help me if he hurts my babies 😡💢👊
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