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-A therapist and patient sit in an office for a daily session-
“So how does that make you feel?”
“I don’t feel anything. Or at least I think I should feel something, but I don’t really care if I should feel anything at all. But I definitely feel something.”
“What kind of feeling? I can’t tell what you are supposed to feel.”
“I mean, it feels like, I don’t know some kind of feeling. It’s like it’s there but not really.”
“So you feel something but you’re not sure what that feeling is?”
“No, I know what the feeling is but it’s like not really a feeling at all. But I can feel it right now. Do you ever get that feeling?”
“You have a feeling but you’re not sure what the feeling is? I’m not quite following what you’re feeling right now.”
“Well, it’s not really a feeling. It’s just, I don’t know, a feeling I have right now. And I’m not sure how I feel about it.”
“Are you sure you feel it right now?”
“I don’t know what to feel.”
“I see. Okay, our time is up. Same time next week?”
“Yes. But I’m not sure how I feel about next week. In fact, I get a feeling this is going to work, but I don’t feel anything about it.”
“Do you feel like this isn’t working for you?”
“Oh no, it is helping. I just don’t have anything to feel, and I told you I have trouble with what I feel, but I feel something.”
“So, you don’t feel anything and you’re not sure about how you feel about coming in for next week’s session, but this is helping you out, but right now you’re not sure what to feel but you can feel it?”
“Precisely, doctor. That’s what I feel.”
-A pause-
“Today’s session is fifty dollars.”
“Oh really? I feel like that’s too much. Can I pay half for today and come back next week and pay the rest? I feel like I should do that.”
“I feel like you should give me the whole payment. That’s what I feel right now.”
“Oh, so you do know what I’m feeling? See, that’s what I’ve been saying! But then again, it’s funny feeling this way. I don’t know what to feel about this.”
-The patient pays the therapist-
“Please get out of my office.”
“Okay. See you next week.”
“Sure. If I feel like it.”