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I thought I'd bring it to your attention that we may have an impending scandal on our hands. A BTS fan has pointed out that this song, Deadroses by Blackbear sounds eerily similar to our Min Yoongi's Dead Leaves. Meaning that Yoongi may have sampled the song without permission or credit, or just may have outrightly plagiarized it. The information has just surfaced and while I myself am not throwing blame anywhere, and my heart aches of the idea, it's hard to deny the striking similarities. Currently BigHit and Yoongi himself have not commented, but I wanted to keep you guys afloat before biased articles and anti-fans attacked. (They've already begun on the YouTube video, and I'm sure backlash will soon follow.) Edit: Just to clarify, Deadroses was posted in February of 2015, and BTS's most recent album was released in November of 2015.
As someone deeply involved in music. I can honestly say, and I'm being completely unbiased right now, that this is far from plagiarism. Like I wouldn't even say this is sampled. This is a pretty standard beat, that anyone could come up with. Hell, I even wrote a piece like this for my music class in 8th grade and that was in 2006-07. So maybe I should sue Suga AND Blackbear.
is it bad that I'm more worried about how yoongi is going to take this and how it'll affect him? whether it's plagiarized or not, we know how hard he is on himself and how stressed out he can get :-(
I don't understand how is this plagiarized? The instrumental is a bit similar, but not entirely the same. It's like House of Cards, the instrumental sounds a BIT like The Weeknd.. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Many artist do the same.. But I'd just rather wait and see if BigHit or Yoongi say anything. I don't want to go on what "rumors" are saying. Than again, it could've been made up by people who want to trash BTS like they been doing lately.. I mean haven't the guys had enough scandal since last month?
@CreeTheOtaku I just wished we could hear the REAL story before people started getting upset and made this a bigger deal than what it should be.. Salty people will ALWAYS make rumors up just to trash BTS, but real ARMY will stick together and support the guys NO MATTER what..
@TaehyungKey I read that true. Due to the rules of music and chords it is easy to make a similar beat without knowing.
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