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It's that time again. I hope you enjoy!!
*pic of BB holding flowers* I had to add that one with just T.O.P
*video of my favorite solo track from any BB member* This was very easy. Doom Dada is my jam. I play this song at least once a day. And the beginning part is one of my alarm clock ringtones.
*gif of BB on Running Man*
*GD wearing a hat*
*picture from Seungri's 2015 birthday*
*picture and gif of something non-BIGBANG that reminds me of Big Bang and why* So my non Big Bang item is Mountain Dew Baja Blast. This just so happens to be my favorite but the reason why it reminds me of Big Bang is because of T.O.P Now his infamous hairstyle in Fantastic Baby is known to many as Mint Top. But that's not what I call it. Its Baja Blast Top because when me and my daughter saw the video for the first time we immediately thought of my drink. Honestly I see no difference.
*big bang nail art*
*gif of Daesung laughing* This man has a beautiful smile, i swear. I feel warm and fuzzy when he smiles.
*picture of any BB member with a mullet* This was kinda hard but I tell you, this is the best mullet hairstyle I've ever seen. But this is GD wearing it so everything he wears looks good. He could make a trash bag look stylish. I'm just saying.
Ok this next slot is a bonus. So as I mentioned the mullet hair was a little hard to find. But as I was searching I came across this.....
Now wth is this?? Somebody please tell me what you call this. I had to share. Lol,
*mint top* (coughs, aka Baja Blast Top, coughs)
*video of members getting ready backstage* So these videos have a little bit of everything: BB getting ready, BB sleeping, BB goofing off. So yea... It's from their MADE Diary. I didn't know which one I liked the most so I just shared 4. Hope you guys don't mind.
*taeyang with at least one child* Honestly this one was really easy. I didn't realize how many pictures he's taken with kids. He must really like kids. I think its so adorable.
Ok so that about does it. I hope you all enjoyed this one. I had fun finding everything. @helixx @lovetopia @jiyongleo @kwonofakind @catchyacrayon and two others @bulletproofv @satinskies
@helixx lol, that is a good name for that hairstyle but seriously, wth was dude thinking?? @ercurrent im so glad those Daesung gifs made your day. 馃槉
Wtf is that hairstyle? We could call it The Headband! And I totally see the Baha Blast comparison. I've had the Jiyong could rock a trash bag discussion before. It's so true, he totally could.
lol, you're right. i didn't notice before.
Look at Daesung's face in the Running Man... it look like he is trying to open his eyes wider but the smoke got him.
Those Daesung gifs. They are so cute and totally made my day.