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It's been a while Since I have updated, so here is the Ninth Chapter! Read the Previous Chapters: (One) (Two) (Three) (Four) (Five) (Six) (Seven) (Eight)

There is No Warning for this Chapter. The story gets more angsty after this, though. As I stated before, I will warn.

Starting Over

As she was sitting there, Aimee noticed her and her sister's future shattered. The bakery they were so happy to have, was in shambles. Tears started to fill her eyes as she got worried. Even though this wasn't her fault, she felt bad. Hoseok felt her tears on his neck as he turned to see her crying. She stopped his head from looking completely at her. "Aish, why can't I look at you?" He started questioning her actions. "I don't want you to see me cry." He moved her hand and looked at her. His hand started petting her, as he held her tight. "Go ahead and cry. Everything will be okay." His heart got heavy when he noticed the girl he was falling for, was falling apart right in his arms. Ambulances started pulling up to come check out the girls. He stood up, as the EMT tried to take her. "I got her, just lead me to the way." . . . Jin was singing to Arisa lightly to try and cheer her up. "Thank you Jin; for everything. If y'all didn't show up in time, I'd hate to know what would have happened." He shushed her from the thoughts of what could have happened. "Don't think like that. You're okay now, we will make sure of it." He tried making her laugh to lighten the mood. "You are amazing, so I am lucky to have you here with me, Arisa." Arisa also looked at the bakery, worried about what was going to happen next. "Jin, we have to do something for unnie. She worked so hard for us to all get our business started, she is crushed that this happened." He looked at the girl who was selfless and putting her sister's feelings before her own. "I have an idea, we can get this fixed; just trust me." He planted a kiss on her cheek, as he raised to take her to the next ambulance.
V and Jojo were sitting in silence as she started collecting her composure. "Thank you V. Thank you for just now." He smiled at her statement and embraced her tightly. "Well," He moved her hair out of her face, "You are worth saving, and if I had to this all over to see you safe; I would. I'll do whatever it takes to see you safe, and most importantly, to win your heart over." She gave him a warm smile. The warmest he has ever seen from Jojo. "Am I still on probation to call you Joanna, or can I call you Jojo?" She laughed at his comment. "Yes you can call me Jojo. I guess you earned it." Her comment made him smile and she could see it. They laughed at each other. He was truly amazed by her. Beneath the cold impression she gave, her heart was big as the day was long. He knew this. It just took a bit to win her over, but until the day he could completely make her his, he'd do anything to win her love. The paramedic approached them to motion him to the ambulance. . . . Kristine, Bailey, Donggeun, Jimin, Namjoon, Suga, and Jungkook watched as the girls were getting checked out. "They have been through hell. These girls can't catch a break." Jin ran over to the group. "I have an idea to help fix this. It's going to take us working this weekend, but I have a plan." Everyone smiled at how he wanted to help the girls. They spoke silently for sometime as Jin walked back towards Arisa. Kristine and the others split to visit everyone. . . . The girls were taken to the hospital to get seen too. The paramedics had a feeling Aimee had a few broken ribs. As they unloaded the ambulance, Hoseok followed behind her; as the guys did for the others. The boys already made the decision to not leave them, so they stayed by their side. Everyone shuffled into the room, awaiting the results of the xray. Hoseok walked to Aimee's bed and sat down. Jin was sitting besides Arisa, as V chose to stay besides Jojo. The room was filled with silence. As the Dr walked in, he concluded that her ribs were cracked. Arisa and Jojo had minor injuries, but he still wanted them to be careful. Bailey and Kristine received the girl's discharge papers and helped them get dressed. They shuffled inside the car and drove home. The boys followed along behind to make sure they got home safely.
Bailey unlocked the door and let everyone in. Bailey, Kristine, Donggeun, and Jimin grabbed drinks for everyone. They were determined to lighten the mood after a long day. The medicine Aimee received from the hospital, started making her drowsy. She fell asleep on Hoseok, without anyone noticing. When he looked down, he noticed her sleeping and smiled. "I don't want to move and wake her up." Like a domino effect, the girls fell asleep one after another on the guys. They sat there quietly speaking, about plans they had to fix the bakery. "Well, they're finally asleep. I'll go get blankets so you guys can cover them up." Kristine walked out to grab three spare blankets from the linen closet. She spread them out to cover the pairs up. Jin cuddled up Arisa and made sure she was warm and tucked in. As V covered Jojo up, he noticed her feet were uncovered. He chuckled as he pulled the blanket down. . . . Morning quickly approached as Aimee opened up her eyes. Trying to focus her eyesight, she felt someone holding onto her. Hoseok had his head rested on the arm, as she was rested on his chest. She sat up to look around as she noticed the others asleep. Arisa was asleep on Jin's chest, as Jojo was asleep on V's. A smile immediately appeared across her face as she noticed a possibility. Suga was asleep on the lounger across the room. 'They are so precious when they sleep.' As she sat up, she decided to make everyone breakfast; for their help last night. Before she walked away, she kissed Hoseok on his cheek. . . . Everyone started waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking and coffee brewing. Bailey and Kristine ran downstairs to see their unnie cooking; as if nothing happened. "Unnie, should you be doing that?" Kristine sat at the bar with Bailey, as Aimee poured them coffee. "It's just breakfast Doll Baby. I'll be fine. I wanted to do it." She gave Kristine and Bailey a smile, to let them know that she was okay. . . . . Jin woke up looking down at Arisa, admiring her while she slept. All he could do was smile, to the fact that he spent the whole night watching over her. Arisa started waking up. She rubbed her eyes and noticed Jin looking at her. "Oh gosh. Don't look at me. I just woke up." He began laughing at Arisa. "I think you're beautiful, so I want to look at you. How are you feeling?" Arisa couldn't believe that he stayed the whole night with her. She remembered listening to his heartbeat right before she fell asleep. . . . Jojo looked at V as he slept, as she smiled. He looked just as sweet, if not more, while he slept, as he did when he was awake. He started jumping in his sleep as Jojo muffled her laughter. He started opening his eyes, as Jojo laid her head back down. He starting running his fingers through her hair as he laid there holding Jojo. "Jojo are you awake?" V started whispering in her ear, "I think breakfast is ready beautiful." Jojo sat up and stretched. . . . The house was full of people, which meant laughter was carried out. They were all discussing times with their friends as well as making new memories starting today. A knock on the door disrupted everyone. Aimee stood up slowly grabbing her side as she went to the door. Jun was standing there angrily. "Professor Song, what are you doing here?" He looked at her and his demeanor changed from anger to worry as he looked her up and down. "What happened to you?" He noticed Jojo and Arisa with new bruises as well. "Did the girls do this to you all?!" She started shaking her hands, "No, we were assaulted last night at the bakery. We'll be okay. We didn't get home until late last night." She stepped aside to let him in. "Girls, guys," He nodded as he sat down in the chair. Bailey brought him a cup of coffee as he nodded at her. "You're wondering why I'm here right?" Aimee nodded at him. "I over heard the girls speaking. I think I know how that happened," He pointed at her face and ribs....

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