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Adam Sandler was one of my favorite comedians as a kid.
Very few comedians make a seamless transition into Hollywood, but Sandler was one of them. "Billy Madison," "The Waterboy" and "Big Daddy" were awesome films that have aged well with time.
I guess I am not the only person who appreciates Sandler, as a comedian named Shawn Kohne broke down every Adam Sandler movie of all-time.
This one was bit odd, but worth watching nonetheless.
Kohne is a Los Angeles-based comedian who makes “cool videos for the Internet."
Basically, if you look hard enough, you can find something that connects most Happy Madison and other various Sandler productions.
Hit the link above to watch his "unique" presentation of how all the films are connected.
That's kind of brilliant and insane, all at the same time!
Wow.... That dude is double cray!!! lol
I wasn't alone finally I can say I'm not that crazy after all. 😊😊😊