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New ScreenShot Game {Random Sexy Edition}

So @PrettieeEmm made this game and I was supposed to do this yesterday. My bad... I got sleepy early. Old people problems. But it's done now... aaaaand we're off
Who doesn't like a tall, gorgeous man in a well tailored suit? Say otherwise and you're lying to yourself. The second picture he legitimately laughing Last one is from his movie Mr. Six which was very good.
What I find most attractive about Kris is... HIS SMILE ya nasties!!! He has a cute smile with those pearly whites, among other things including his love for yogurt
He is such a dork. But you should check out his movies -Somewhere Only We Know -Mr. Six There you have it Kris Wu I didn't do a disclaimer because I didn't really do anything outrageous tagging my #thunderbuddiesforlife @jessicaacosta90 @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee and my new sister in law by marriage @PrettieeEmm
@chinabarrier16 I think I'm going to do a card just for him I have so many pics and gifs of him. His smile... I need him to stay in his lane
Yay sisters!!! Kris is super handsome 😍
@ashleyemmert yeah that too
@ElleHolley lol that tongue
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